• The Making Process

    Pottery - The Making Process
    At events, I often get asked how my ceramic tile coasters are made, so I thought I would explain in a bit more detail.
  • Crazy Combo's

    Rug - Crazy Combo's
    I love to see people choosing their own crazy combinations of coasters. Look at these beauts. The crazier the better in my book!! If you select any...
  • Caring for your coasters.

    Cleaning - Caring for your coasters.
    Wipe clean only with a soft damp cloth. Suitable for hot and cold drinks.
  • Protecting Your Furniture

    Home Decor - Protecting Your Furniture
    Using a coaster will protect your surfaces and preserve your beautiful furniture for even longer! Stop those horrid water marks that can form on your furniture and are near on impossible to remove!