The Making Process

I often get asked how my products are made, so I thought I would explain in a bit more detail.

First, I like to have colour in a home as it really can instantly change the feel of a room, so my inspiration is mainly bold colour, geometric, and mid-century modern design. I like to work with other artists, collaborating on pattern ideas, to create the modern, eye-catching, digital designs you see. Most recently, I have really enjoyed working with Nik at Cann Creative based in York.

Next, the images are laser printed onto a high grade label to create a decal. The decal is coated using an industrial satin varnish which is heat, water and UV resistant. This is then applied to the tile blank, using a permanent adhesive. It is also important to mention that coasters that stick to your cup drive me crazy, so these are made using a chunky ceramic tile, which has a lovely weight to them.

Finally, a cork base is added to the bottom to protect your furniture.

I have experimented with many different varnishes and materials over the last few years, gradually testing and refining each one to create the product I have today. The tiles have a lovely tactile feel with a satin finish and are a bit different to other coasters currently on the market. They make an excellent gift and I love using mine every single day!

I hope you enjoy using my coasters!

Cleaning your coasters in the correct way to ensure they stay in top notch condition is also important. Check out my Caring for you Coasters blog post for more details.

Tess xx